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My FanFic list :)

Title: please be my little turtle


Pairings: Akame (main), kamepi,

Genre: romance

Beta by: 



Disclaimer: I do not own kame, Jin and Pi…only on my dream ~

Warning: it’s kamepi! If you don’t like this pairing, please don’t read.

Summary: Kamenashi Kazuya, one of the most successful business man, he do not believe in love after he experience broken heart. Kamenashi Ryu, his twin brother comes back from Canada one day with his girl friend and best friend. What are Ryu true motive about bringing Akanishi Jin to Japan?

chaPter 1

Title: waiting for you 

Author: me!

Pairing: Pairing: akame(akanishi jin/kamenashi kazuya) main, Akanishi/yamapi (Pin), kokame?

Disclaimer: if I ever own them, I will keep them for myself. No sharing, so…I do write this fic, means I still do not own them yet! (Cries)

Genre: angst, romance,

Rating: PG-13? I don’t really know…

Warning: This fic also contain Pin moment. So, if you don’t like it, please don’t read. 


Summary: Kame and Jin already become lover, but Yamapi, Jin best friend want to break them apart. Why? This is because he loves Jin. He wants to have Jin for himself.


prolouge annabella1988.livejournal.com/4599.html

chapter 1 annabella1988.livejournal.com/8058.html

chapter 2 annabella1988.livejournal.com/10053.html

chapter 3 annabella1988.livejournal.com/12660.html

chapter 4 annabella1988.livejournal.com/13546.html

chapter 5 annabella1988.livejournal.com/14074.html

title:stay with me
pairing: akame
genre: romance, smut, angst later
rating: NC-17
summary: after one night stand, jin and kazuya become lovers. they were happy together. after months they together, jin ask to break up. 

chapter 1 annabella1988.livejournal.com/16761.html
chapter 2 annabella1988.livejournal.com/17556.html


angel and devil (onhold)

Pairing: Akame, Jinda (this time, maybe more later)

Genre: Don’t know, maybe fantasy…

Disclaimer: I do not own anyone; also do not own vampire knight... Although I’m hoping to claim Kazuya to be mine~~

Summary: Jin is a pureblood vampire. He has many powers but do not have a person he truly loves. Until he meet a high school student, Kazuya

(Suck ne~~gomen ne~~)

chapter 1 annabella1988.livejournal.com/5275.html

chapter 2 annabella1988.livejournal.com/5462.html

One shot

Title: love miracle
pairing:akame, kamepi and ryopi
summary: akanishi jin who love his best friend kamenashi kazuya, when he want to tell the latter bout his feeling, kame told him, he already became yamapi boyfriend. what will happen when yamapi cheat on him?



Tittle: I'm sorry
Author: annabella1988
Disclaimer: i do not own akame at all!
Genre: Angst
Rating: SAFE!! i swear!
summary: finally i realize, i'm nothing without you, please forgive me~


update march 25 2010

Happy birthday Aiba Masaki...

Happy birthday my dear aiba chan...i hope you will be happy always...coz ur smiles makes me smile too...you are my shining star and i hope you will find your happiness...i love you...

Happy new year...2016

It is been such a long time i did not post anything here....after such a long time,my fandom is changing again....arashi this time....i still remember when the first time i know arashi. I have been avoiding myself from liking this group coz their show is so many and i cannot handle it well...but, after watching a certain episode of vs arashi, i easily fall in love for them...right now, only arashi is my fandom. Just quit kat-tun after koki left...i dunt know...koki is not my ichiban.kazuya is...but i guess i got bored with them..so thats why arashi is easily make me fell real hard..so, i hope that next year, 2016 will be better than this year

Happy early birthday my lovely kazuchan

Happy birthday my hubby kazuya....you are my love
..who will you celebrate your birthday this year?i hope you will find your only one....

happy birthday Kamenashi Kazuya

kazu chan~ happy birthday~~~ i will always love you and proud to become your fan..
gambate neh~~
daisuki desu~~

Happy Belated Birthday Kamenashi Kazuya

Happy Belated birthday Kazu chan... OMG!! i cannot believe that i've been this late.. gomen ne.. i still love you, with all my heart...


hope you will be happier than last year~~
will always love you~~

otanjoubi omedetou Kamenashi Kazuya

Today, 23 February 2012 is Kamenashi Kazuya birthday...The lead vocal of KAT-TUN will be 26 this year...

i hope you will success in everything you do..
thank you for always bringing happiness to the fans.. but, dont overwork neh...

always love you~

Chain new album Release

KAT-TUN will release another album this month... with tour~ ii-na...i want to go too! but, what should i do? maybe someday, i will go...maybe... T_T

for the first time i heard LOCK ON!, i already fall in love... it is amazing in many aspect.

and the track list:

5. FINALE (Junnosuke Taguchi Solo)
6. STEP BY STEP (Yuichi Nakamaru Solo)
8. Ano Hi No You Ni
9. Zutto (Kazuya Kamenashi Solo)
11. Hakanai Yubisaki
12. ~again (Tatsuya Ueda Solo)
14. DANGEROUS CAT ~MAKE ME WET~ (Koki Tanaka Solo)
15. Hodoukyou

i cannot wait for the album~~ KAT-TUN saikou!!


Lately, i keep re-watching the seiyuu event i've downloaded... the best among the best are omaera and uraboku. right now, i really want Bus Gamer Seiyuu event, with suzumura sama playing wack the Crocodile... uwahh... i really want it!! but, do not find it anywhere.. please, if somebody found it in internet, can you please give me the link? T_T maybe someday..

and today, i just want to rambling about Omaera No Tame darou! and Uraboku Seiyuu event... LOL... Omaera saikou!! sugee desu~ really, morimori no bangumi, with the seiyuu wear girls outfit. the first time i watch that is when suzuken and sakupyon in it. the first time sakupyon in it.. i dont remember the date, and do not even remember where i got the vids. i guess at seiyuu LJ.. or Taishou_sakurai LJ.. here is the pic for the vids... really, first time i see this, sakurai is so pretty.. with black rose.. and suzuken no hashi is so clean..without sunage at all..hahaha..maybe he shave it, but kireii~ in disk 1, they act as AKB 48..really amusing.. coz the group change into OMB.. LOL...in disk 2, they start this model sketch.. really, morimori back is so manly. really, like a man...

then, after that i keep finding other vids... the one with fuku jun, sakupyon and suzu ken... this one~~
and this maid fuku~~~!!! amazing desu ne~~ tamanaiii! LOL...
sugi wa...i found another suzuken, sakupyon and fukujun.. they become rockers in this.. rockers with maid fuku.. okashi darou? hahaha.. but, i'm enjoying this..

Uraboku event, puppy san, or should i say Hoshi Soichiro san, Sakurai Takahiro sama, Ono Daisuke, Fukuyama Jun, Okamoto Nobuhiko as the MC, Marina Inoue and the surprise cast, kamiya hiroshi and satoshi hino san are the cast in the event.. i can see they are really enjoying the event very well. especially ono daisuke sama.. he is so interesting.. this is the first event i saw with ono daisuke sama as the cast. i know, i'm late... but, this is the event that make me love him.. really, he is so funny.. i like it when the quiz is start.. sakurai sama as the MC in this one.. he said he did not want to get the punishment after he lost, so he exchange with okamoto sama.. LOL.. he is usually like that. but, i love him.. and when he uragiri ono D in the drama live, it makes all other cast after him to do such thing.. LOL..omoshirou~~ the best part when puppy san and onoD part.. it is the best drama live and i keep laughing real hard... LOL...still cannot stop laughing.. haha...

in this event, we also know that sakurai sama and fukujun sama is brothers.. LOL..absolutely jokingly.. fukujun said they are brothers because the outfit they wear are pair look. with megane.. it makes my fujoshi mind runs wild.. i know, they are homo janai..


It makes me remember the Nurarihyon no mago event day version... sakurai sama wants to make fukujun said he loves him..kyahh.. and and... those part when Kakki (Kakihara Tetsuya) needs to kiss sakurai sama feet.. LOL... kakki ears is so red... haha.. but, it is so pitiful..

This is my life, i love it when i can keep fangirling and this makes me alive...
the pic is credit to the owner in multiply and google..LOL...